Own The Names You Show In Public

Virtual Person offers permanent digital asset pseudonyms (Stage names and handles) so you and your staff can use your personas and not their real name or personal information. Use your Virtual Person Team in public and to protect your relationships, equity, data, Ready to build Virtual Person assets? 

How It Works

SSO Login
Virtual Person Single SignOn (SSO)

Google SSO (we call it Bring Your Own login) is simple because we don't ask you for a username or password and we don't ask for or store private data.

Create Your Virtual Person Name Here

Your Virtual person name is unique on our platform and it all starts with getting an available email address.

VP Team
TEAM - Virtual Person Library

You will select the Virtual Person you want to interact or use and you can see the complete listing of VP's created there.

Dashboard System

You can see profile in dashboard where we can edit or add browser-saved autofill info for the Virtual Person.

User Mailbox

Each VP has their own inside-dashboard email app.

Account Recovery & VP Transfer
VP Transfer

If you subscribe to a Team plan, you can select the Virtual Person you want to interact or use and you can see the complete listing of VP's created there.

Avatar Choices & Autofill Profile
VP Profile

You can see each Virtual Person profile in the dashboard and edit or add browser-saved autofill info

A DLT (distributed ledger tech) Hash Record
A DLT (distributed ledger tech) Hash Record

Your DLT hash record creates a digital asset. We publish the (IPFS) hashes in the form of a public record like property deeds do, but we don't collect or publish personal data. Provenance and chain-of-title is important!

Live Concierge Chat
Live Concierge Chat

After you become a customer, we'd love to chat about the future!

A Virtual Person is a legitimate trade name that your company keeps even if employees leave. Our services include DLT- distributed ledger technology and digital asset intellectual property protection. 

Virtualize with VirtualPerson.com and get

A legit pseudonym

Don’t offer up your real name when don’t have to


An autofill-ready virtual profile when the situation calls for a person’s info

Email accounts

Alternate, and disposable, email accounts with auto forward

Asset portfolio

A digital asset portfolio dashboard to organize your new personas


Trustless privacy so you don’t have to hope for the best

Digital identities

Transportable, multi-platform digital identities you control.


Virtual Persons




Virtual Person Membership (Per Month, First Month Free with Credit Card)




Webmail per Virtual Person, with alias Email Address feature

Bring Your Own Login (Google SSO)

No Cookies, Tracking, or Private Data

Autofill profile per Virtual Person

Digital Asset Platform to help build value in your assets

IPFS Hash pinning for Provenenance and Chain of Title

Concierge Support


Email & Chat

Email, Chat,Text, Account Rep

like stage name and handles