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Hi, I'm VirtualEd - Virtual Entrepreneur

I’m old enough to remember when people paid for content offline, online and creators were respected for bringing new ideas and expressions to the world. We paid for newspapers, magazines, movies and content was celebrated.

Big Tech changed the equation. Everything became free. As long as I was willing to allow a site to show me ads or track my activity, I could read my hometown newspaper, see videos on topics that interested me (and no one else), and access expertise with the click of a mouse. The business model changed the world. It also changed consumer behavior, security models and made everyone a “media company.”

As media companies, each of us has to think like a business and that’s why VirtualEd was born.

I use pseudonomics to engage with startups, investors and prospects in order to get ideas and opinions that are truthful. Web3 success requires truth, not just being told what you want to hear. 

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Meet VirtualEd

Hi, I'm Sandra Venderman - Sales

Sandra Venderman

I like to listen to business podcasts. I recently heard an interview with a CEO who said that the first generation of executive leaders led through strength, the current generation lead through intellect and future leaders lead through heart (compassion.) I want to be that type of leader.

Unfortunately, in my sales role, compassion can be seen as a weakness today. Though I do see that changing, especially with Web3 engagements and in consultative sales opportunities, pseudonomics allows me to fully engage the market while still interacting with charities and causes that matter to me.

Best of all, provides me a platform and dashboard where I can manage all of my online activity and integrate with every sales and CRM tool (after all, it’s all about the email address.) And, unlike AI or ML “sales” automation, I can build real connections with real people privately and safely.

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Hi, My name is Larry Suppora - Customer Support

I used to work in DevOps but I’ve fallen in love with the idea of working with creators, digital entrepreneurs and Wenb3 professionals use to establish accounts and audiences to gamify their online activity. Some think of pseudonomics as “sock puppeting” on steroids. It’s not. Each persona becomes a discrete asset that real people can use to establish their digital businesses.

One of the best uses of  for me is that I can easily separate my work activity and personal activity online. I love online gaming and participate in many blockchain communities. My personas let me turn off business questions when I’m not working. 

In most businesses, support tickets get passed “agent-to-agent” and customers get confused. Persona activity can be managed by multiple real-world people with a change in voice or interruption in service.

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Hi, My name is Tonya Adams - Systems Administrator

Even though I live in the Midwest, I thrive on the latest technologies. Trained as a full stack developer with all the certifications that Big Tech recommends, I’ve found my home at I want to work at a company that is focused on resetting the technical balance of wealth. We spend time online for the content and experiences. Sure, rock-solid tech makes those opportunities possible but we’re the ones that create the value. I help make sure that our technology empowers users to own and control their digital presence. We’re the creators of the value and I’m committed to making sure we get the rewards.

When I’m not working at, you’ll find me playing games. Right now, I’m loving the play-to-earn and  spend a lot of time on playing and watching FPS and MMO. 

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