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A Virtual Person is a super version of an online persona. The name you choose can be a twitter name, an esports tag or gamer handle, or a human-sounding nickname or brand. Everyone should upgrade and secure social media handles to a Virtual Person!  

VirtualPerson.com is a much bigger deal than the online free stuff.  Because our dashboard makes it easy to buffer your Real person from your online activities, you can worry less about sensitive personal information and build on what belongs to you.  Sure, you can hope against hope that all the companies that promise to keep your sensitive info won’t ever get hacked or have a data leak, but we think you’re better off doing business as a Virtual Person online.

Virtual Person is built to protect your interests in digital assets with tools to help you prove ownership and build value. The greatest evidence you control your data is when you can prove your asset and, if you want, sell it!

Our mission is to empower you to own the data behind your online activity and own the name and personas with which your activity is associated, and build digital asset equity easily, and bridge the future Web3 and your virtual life. 

Forwarding, so that you get information you need, but without spam in your primary inbox and without database people building files on you.  

We don’t need your Real person info, so we use the simplest account set-up we could think of-- third party logins like Google‘s.  We don’t request username, password, MFA, and all that silliness and we don’t save your Real person data. 

Browsers like Chrome are already good at autofill-- built-in forms that store your previously entered info. Autofill is in standby for when you need to fill out an online form automatically.  Our platform uses these features to the max so you’ll have easy options to provide Virtual Person info (and not your Real person info). 

to organize your Virtual Person details and related “proof” assets like your IPFS hash records. We use IPFS (distributed ledger technology) to help you prove ownership and add value. 

We’ll help you make your Virtual Person name the legal pseudonym of a copyrighted work.  Imagine a government-stamped legit record of your Virtual Person!

If you create a unique persona, you should own it and be able to defend it.  We’ll help you trademark your Virtual Person name and protect its asset value.  

 We think having a phone number, to give out at will that takes voice messages and texts, but doesn’t necessarily ring your cellphone, is an awesome tool! 

(snail mail address, like a PO Box.). We use a private mailbox company with an online app so your mail can be accessed digitally.   Don’t hand out your home address when you don’t have to!

for each Virtual Person (for legal protection and business activity sovereignty).  For example, MarcosTheCuban, LLC is a legal entity and a “person” by constitutional standards. The LLC can do business as MarcosTheCuban!

(coming soon, LLC required).  This benefit is a company credit card, but it’s in the name of your Virtual Person and you’ll benefit from our bundled credit card offer!

(coming soon).   It’s easy to be a Real person and easy to be online. The hard part is bridging the two in a way that’s safe and lucrative. We help with that. 

*We coordinate the services provided by our Partners. 

like stage name and handles