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VirtualPerson.com is the bridge between the real world and online. We help you expand your online persona to a complete Virtual Person. We help you create a separate identity that you can use to be online. With our future dashboard upgrades, you can use our service to manage your Digital Assets.

Privacy, security, and data control are vital concepts on the Internet today. Our competition may tell you their tech and solutions can protect your privacy and data, we disagree.  Here’s how we’re different:

  • Virtual Persons are not artificial intelligence or AGI, machine learning or autonomous
  • Virtual Persons are not holograms or artwork 
  • We’re not a platform to keep your real person data private because we don’t store your real person data
  • We aren’t so-called experts in encryption and data security because we think the only way to keep sensitive information secure is to not give it out 
  • We’re not one of those who promise personal information security
  • We’re not chatbots or website bots or animation
  • We’re not “deep fakes,” or fake— and don’t even like that word.  
  • We’re not a platform for unlawfulness  
  • We don’t build androids or robots or synthetics
  • We don’t use or work on singularity (merger of brain with computer) 
  • We’re not a crypto issuer or exchange


We help you tie everything together into an autofill-friendly alternative ID with friendly fields like a virtual (like Google Voice) phone number, email address and a snail mailbox (like a post office.).  The point is to make it easy to provide contact and profile info, but not give up any more real personhood than you have to. 

We may be a bit biased, but we think everyone needs to use a Virtual Person. A Virtual Person is a digital asset that you keep and breathe life into. You can use your Virtual Person when the situation calls for a person’s name and profile info— while preserving anonymity, privacy, and control over real person data.

A Virtual Person can do everything YOU can do. Our goal is to empower people to create digital assets through Virtual Persons that we control. Build out a Virtual Person however (and wherever) you want and then sell their success to community members, advertisers and brands.

We’re the first to offer this service.  Online work, 3D, gaming, digital worlds, and the metaverse are expanding rapidly, and we keep your real personhood separate. With our service you can boost your personas into a digital asset we call a Virtual Person.  Disconnect real personhood from online persona activities! VirtualPerson.com empowers you and helps you protect your financial and legal interests. 

We believe that you don't really control data you can't sell.  But, our business model is not based on us sharing or selling your intimate personal data. It’s better to be online as a persona and VirtualPerson.com enables you to monetize your ‘digital assets.’ You have the best of both worlds.   You control who you are online, and can make your data a digital asset you own, control, and can sell.

We think “state of the art“ for login technology sucks.  Keeping up with usernames and passwords for every website and app is a nightmare— as is proving who you are.  And, what’s called privacy and security is not much more than protecting us from ourselves and protecting the interests of big tech. That’s why we use what we call trustless technology— third party logins where we don’t collect ANY  personal info, not even your name or email address.

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